Thursday, October 27, 2016

USA Naturalization

Thanks to my friend Lisa Alzo who has written the following article for the magazine 'Internet Genealogy'.

"Searching for Naturalization Records
When looking for US Naturalization records, keep in mind that immigrants who filed the declaration of intention sometimes didn’t complete the citizenship process before the declaration expired. Thus, you may find multiple declarations for one person. Also, an individual could file a declaration of intention (first papers) in one court but complete the petition and oath in a different county, or even a different state. Pay attention to the dates—before 1906, records are held primarily at the court or the state archive where the immigrant filed. After 1906, documents were filed at federal courthouses, and records are held by The U.S. National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) Two excellent sites for learning more about naturalization records are Naturalization Records in the USA (Olive Tree Genealogy) and Naturalization Records Research Guide (Joe Beine)"

By Lisa Alzo, Internet Genealogy and Your Genealogy Today author

I have several of my American ancestors naturalization papers and they are a treasure trove of details I needed!


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