Sunday, October 4, 2015

Thank You Moose Jaw 2015

And Happy 45th Birthday!!

It was the typical outstanding conference organized by the Moose Jaw Branch of SGS. They always put together a very professional, but 'homey' conference felt by all whom attended. They came from near and far - I cannot remember all the places [sorry], but Swift Current, Regina, and Weyburn were all represented! So nice to see y'all again!!

Thanks to Marge for her exceptional organizational skills. She and I have worked together for eons [hahaha] and almost a full year of planning and communicating with presenters paid off in dividends for us all. She was even on the street at 8:30am to advise me on parking, and then helped to drag all my 'stuff' up stairs. Thanks Marge, and thanks Wendy, and thanks to the entire 'crew' as no one person can do it all.

Thanks to Moose Jaw for not tearing down their beautiful old library - or fixing it up to the point it loses all it's fantastic charming features! I have always loved that building and spent many happy hours in it with my children when they were little people. My son became infatuated with Curious George books. We would return Curious George on Wednesday, and borrow another Curious George to be returned Saturday. Every week!! Ahhhhh The Memories. sigh

Always so nice to have a visit with Dave, who continues to be a wealth of experience, and sharing. And Ilene who brought some lovely ladies with her! Ilene works hard at being an excellent researcher, and she is succeeding beautifully! Chris I'm sorry I was unable to stay and hear your presentation, but I'm sure you did an excellent job and it was nice to manage a short visit during lunch. Oh yes, speaking of lunch thanks to the caterers [of course I've forgotten the name], but lovely hot soup, sandwiches, and desserts really hit the spot. I'm not much of a sweet eater, but when there's Nanaimo bars ... oh baby I'm there! Great choice folks.

And unlike two years ago, I did not manage to catch a rock with my windshield on the drive home. I did however, manage to drive into some detoured areas in Regina which cost me an additional 45 mins to get out of! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. But eventually I had my Thanksgiving turkey, and fixins' in the car and headed towards home ... only partially soaked because I left my raincoat in the car. Of. Course. hahaha No problem. I don't melt anymore. LOL

Thanks again Moose Jaw! Always nice to come home. Happy Searching Everyone!!


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