Thursday, October 22, 2015

FUN & Learning

Yesterday my current group of students, and I, had our first working visit at the Saskatchewan Provincial Archives in Regina. There were so many successes I wouldn't even know where to begin! Now isn't THAT a good thing? After having looked at hundreds and hundreds of land records on microfilm I thought I'd seen it all. Turns out that is not the case! Not one, but TWO of my brilliant students found ancestral files that I doubt many have ever seen before. It's one of the reasons I love teaching 'cause I get to share in their finds ... which also makes me a better teacher. There is NO substitute for experience. Can't wait to get back there next week and begin working with dozens of new record types!! Some days life is just soooooooooooooo good. :-)

AND then I heard again from a long-time student [one who has taken many courses from me, and has stayed in touch, sharing her successes and challenges over the years - which I LOVE]. She has just completed my course Unpuzzling Your Past for the THIRD time!! And she is becoming an excellent researcher! Her list of accomplishments makes my heart swell with pride. WAY to go Donna!! You are having so much fun; sharing so much unknown family information with your Mom [don't we all wish we could do this?]; using all you've learned to advance your research skills; AND making your old 'teacher' so bloody proud ... I'm just smiling with happy tears in my eyes. Love ya girl and keep going!! I seriously hope to continue to develop more 'Donna's'

Cheers Everyone,

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