Monday, October 5, 2015

Legacy Quick Tips

For those of you using Legacy genealogy software [there is a FREE download here

There are also 25 Quick Tips FREE and lots of other goodies here

The Quick Tips include 25 different topics of varying lengths. Maybe you're not even using Legacy, or any genealogy software, pick a topic or two that interests you to see what these things can do for you. I am interested in creating a calendar that will show special dates for my ancestors - like showing on my calendar all my ancestors who shared the same birthday, or perhaps wedding dates. There is a 3 min 20 second video that shows me how to do this! And it's FREE!!! You cannot break anything. It will cost you no money. Don't be afraid. I encourage you to just try. Have FUN everyone!!

I should also mention that I have no affiliation with Legacy, and receive no remuneration from them. They are just a company that I really like!


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