Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Upcoming 'Organizing' Class March 18, 2017 @ Indian Head SK

So I get home to IH March 16th and on Saturday March 18th I'll be delivering a two hour presentation titled "Organizing Your Paper Files". It will begin at 1:30pm I think. I'm waiting for details re address, costs etc. Lol But I can include the following description:


We LOVE the thrill of the chase! Later we can’t find what we *know* we have. This one deals strictly with getting control of the copious amounts of paper we collect, or have inherited, and getting it organized so you can find, within a few seconds, exactly what you are looking for! Eureka! Hello happy dances, and goodbye dust bunnies!! Includes a several page handout with comprehensive details so you won’t get lost as you prepare to use this system to get totally organized.
This session is aimed at all skill sets.

And anyone wanting to pre-register can contact me


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