Friday, March 24, 2017


So I sort of accidentally began studying DNA the past couple days - you know one of those distracted by something shiny moments that lead down crazy, interesting, unintended paths? haha Anyway it reminded me I hadn't looked at my results from FamilyTreeDNA [no association to the old genealogy software program] and they have added some really neat features. One of those features is seeing 'balloons' pop up in whatever physical areas your DNA shows up [shows matches from is probably more accurate]. So you can chose to see green balloons for your Mom's line, and/or orange balloons for your Dad's line. The strange thing is, well the FUN thing is, both parents have balloons showing up in similiar locations! And that is one HUGE surprise to me. Hmmmmmmmmmm not sure what to think! Lol

So much to learn, but I've begun. So I'm EUROPEAN 97% , made up of British Isles 67%, Western & Central Europe 27%, Soutern Europe 7%, Eastern Europe 1%, and MIDDLE EASTERN 3%. I even have a match in a few places I've never been: the Shetland Islands, Poland, Russia, New Zealand, and Egypt/Jordan/Lebanon [well, not sure about travel in these 3!]. Oh myyyyyyyyyyyy.

Anyone else dabbling in their DNA? Surprises anyone?
Have a great weekend! Weather looks amazing in good ole Saskatchewan! +15C ... lets hope cause my tan is fading fast. Darned British Isles pale skinned girl.Lol


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