Monday, March 20, 2017


So thanks big time to Shannon Cherkowski for what she has done, and what she is sharing regarding Alberta Canada digitized vital statistics indexes and or registers. Not only has she introduced this, she has provided step by step VERY detailed instructions!! She learned this by working through the system, step by step, and now shares all that time and expertise with us, FREE!! WOW Shannon!! You ROCK my friend!! The Provincial Archives of Alberta has digitized vital statistics indexes and or registers and are now available online.

35 cents a page? Really?? So in Saskatchewan, our government has taken the very 'un'progressive step of uppping our costs which were already the most expensive in all of Canada - our index at which has not been updated, or added to, for decades, will now be an additional $15.00 each to BMDs ... which means $65.00 for each birth, marriage, or death certificate you are interested in! Bloody HELL!!

And a MAJOR shout-out to Shannon for making the announcement, and for offering us at PastRelations the big SCOOP! This is a major big time deal folks! Perhaps speak to your local MLA regarding how faaaar behind we are in Saskatchewan? Please!! See what she's done

And now our other great friend, and western Canadian genealogist extraordinaire, Dave Obee has made direct links to the BMDs available at Provincial Archives which you can find on Alberta portion of his CanGenealogy Blog Amazing what can happen when collaboration happens.

And Shannon has left an interesting idea for us in Comments below. Click on 'comment' and read. Anyone can leave a comment on any post within this blog, and I would love it if you would. The comment comes to me first, so no chance of spam sneaking by me.


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  1. Thank you my friend for the shout out! It's been a long time coming to get Alberta Vital Stats online. All of us in the genealogy field have been harping about this for years. Look at what happened with the squeaky wheel?

    Maybe if lots of people complained to SK government like we did here....seriously each one that complains write a letter to their MLA, they can't ignore it. They can give excuses (we heard them all, including "we do not have the money") [forehead slap]. Volunteers offering time to help index etc helps a lot.
    I have to get off my soap box about that, or I can go on an on.

    No Lady! You rock!
    I don't blog much. If I want to know anything new and exciting I read your blog!
    Take care my friend, you are loved by many!!