Sunday, March 19, 2017

FREE British Webinars - Register Now

And now for something completely different! Isn't that a line from some old Monty Python sketch? Not really sure, but it's what went through my mind as I sat down to share this. HaHa

So this is titled "Breakfast with Family History Webinars from TNA". Thanks to John Reid over at his Canada's Anglo-Celtic Connections blog where you can see all the details, which look pretty interesting! I've taken a few courses on using Discovery, the online catalogue at TNA (The National Archives) in London England, and I'm going to try to attend this one as well as I've learned so much from them.

You can register for one, some, or all sessions through this link

BEWARE: you must register, and there are a limited number they can accept so don't delay too long or you may get shut out. It takes less than one minute, and it's FREE. And they won't steal your identity, or bombard you with unwanted mail. There. Relax, and register to learn some new 'stuff'!! haha


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