Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Salt Lake City Research

I see that the Medicine Hat Branch of Alberta, and Saskatchewan Genealogy Society are jointly hosting a trip to Salt Lake City in June 2017. I've had the great honour of speaking to the Medicine Hat group a while back, and found them to be a VERY knowledgeable group of genealogists so I suspect you would be in good hands. Anyway have a look at their website and scroll down or click here for the SLC trip

I have stayed at this hotel when in SLC and can vouch for it. It is really nice to have it so close to the library - you can slip back for a quick rest 'cause researching there is tiring, and for anyone who has never been to SLC be warned: their version of one block is a loooooooooong block, especially if you're walking and dragging along books etc. Anyway have fun to those who go!!


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