Sunday, January 22, 2017

Russia, Tver Church Books FREE

Russia has long been an area of difficult research - but it's beginning to change! As with all research you need to know specific administrative divisions as records were, and still are, created and kept locally ... not just Russia but everywhere. This is where geography comes in my friends. And maps. Especially contemporary maps - maps of the time period you are researching in. Why would that be? Well as we spend one full two hour session learning about this in my Unpuzzling Your Past course, the shortened version is: location names change, borders change, towns disappear. Yes!! That is often the case. Anyway I'll get off my hot little soapbox now (haha) and just tell you that if you happen to have an interest in the province of Tver Russia, you can search births and baptisms, marriages, deaths and burials performed by priests.
Thanks again to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints [aka Mormons] for filming and making some of the very best original records in the entire World available, to anyone interested, for FREE, always. To see their website

Watch for an inquiry as to anyone interested in taking a course, online, on how to best use this website AND those amazing records!


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