Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Hello From Mexico

Hoping you all had a wonderful Christmas! Mine was fine, but for some reason this year just seemed exceptionally rushed and busy. Sorry I've not posted for a while. Following Christmas I had my granddaughter for a few days, and then we began getting ready for our winter - this year we're in Huatulco Mexico. If you don't have a map handy it's pretty much parallel with Guatamela, so pretty far south. We only arrived Saturday afternoon so really haven't done much except buy groceries, twice, and sort out our rented condo and complex. It's hot here so everything and everybody moves slow. Works for me! haha

But now that we're kind of settled I'll attempt to keep sharing genealogy news as best I can. Where is everyone? Share it under this post, or drop me a note privately if you'd prefer. So enough chit chat. On to work.Oh and I really am happy it's warmed up at home as that was just brutal. I'll share one quick little incident - our first night here I put some butter on a dish so it would be manageable for buttering toast in the morning. You are now laughing, right? Yup. Got up to find the butter had all melted in the dish overnight. haha Need to learn how to live in the tropics again, after coming from -30s and 40s.


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