Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Finding Your Roots

So someone [Adele] just reminded me about the Irish episode on tonight's TV, Finding Your Roots. Of course I'm in Mexico, and after an exhaustive search - and stopping myself from downloading the episode on an unknown 'free' channel here in Mexico, haha - I finally discovered that a lot, not sure all, but certainly a lot of previously aired Finding Your Roots episodes are available, in their entirety, on YouTube!!!! Yahoo!! I know I'm not the only one away from their home TV, so hopefully this helps. Just Google "finding your roots youtube" and you'll eventually get there. If there is a special episode you want you can either add the name to your queery, or just scroll until you find it.

And I am watching the Irish episode, right now 5pm, and don't have to wait for TV tonight. haha


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