Saturday, January 2, 2016

Xmas & New Years

Sorry folks. We've been down with some sort of illness over Christmas and longer, but finally starting to feel better now! Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and all the best in 2016.

I'm really interested in where readers of this blog reside. If you'd just plug that info into the 'comments' which is represented by the little envelope below this posting that would be awesome. Or you can always email me OR just write in the Comment box. Your email address will NOT show up or be published so you're anonymity is safe.

We are now packing up for our winter get-away, but this year not to somewhere hot thanks to the loonie loonie. I promise to get back to some sort of schedule by mid January.



  1. Thanks so much Linda.
    I also appreciate all the replies I've received direct to my email. I am hoping many of you will reply by using the little envelope below the above post, just so everyone can see the locations around the world where people live ... people who are also reading this blog. I find it fascinating!

  2. Born in Vancouver, with lots of Saskatchewan connections; now living in South Australia.