Sunday, January 3, 2016

International Classification of Diseases

Thanks to my good friend Shannon Cherkowski for this. Sometimes we find a cause of death, but have no clue what the word or term means. Here's help

My paternal great grandfather's death registration shows he died after four days of laryngitis. Four days? Really? Obviously every time I get a sore throat, never mind laryngitis, I start to worry. Lol. I was at a genealogy conference some time ago where there was a Doctor giving a session on just these type of things. So I asked. Turns out it was probably diphtheria that killed my David GILMOUR in Kilwinning Ayrshire Scotland 1903. I like that so much better than death by laryngitis.

BTW if anyone is in need of an excellent researcher specializing in adoptions, Shannon Cherkowski is your girl. She has a lengthy list of successes. Ask me for her contact info.


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