Sunday, January 24, 2016

Trekking Through Cemeteries in BC

My hubby, myself, and our house guest Shannon Cherkowski, met with my old friend Mr. Dave Obee [genealogist extraordinaire] yesterday at Royal Oak Cemetery here in Victoria, and what a treat that was! Dave knows this massive cemetery inside and out, and has published a book titled "Royal Oak Burial Park A History and Guide". Turns out that book is Part 1 as he will be publishing Part 2 soon. One of the unlooked for benefits to this cemetery trekking was the ten hour sleep we all got last night!! Lots of walking and lots of fresh mountain/ocean air was good for us.

Even though Dave was working on little sleep, having just returned on a midnight flight, and with numerous jobs calling to him, he was the best guide possible to locate my family members who are now permanent residents of Royal Oak. Nothing is ever straightforward with genealogy research, and such is the case of one family members burial. There is a second person in one plot. A second UNKNOWN person with my maiden surname!! So now I get to go to the University of Victoria and do some research there!! Always something new to learn!! And you thought I was just 'holidaying'!! haha Two days ago I spent some hours at the Royal BC Archives. Such fun. And this afternoon we are trekking through another cemetery here on the island. I'll attempt to get some pictures posted, but that takes time. Enjoy your Sunday!


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