Sunday, December 20, 2015

Letters from the Irish Ordnance Survey 1834ish

So this is why I get no housework done - well except for laundry and dishes thanks to modern appliances that do all the work for me! So much for the good old days. haha

This morning I began reading through the Letters from the Irish OS. They are fascinating! I read through an LDS microfilm, 23 years ago, about the church in County Down, Northern Ireland where my families were all baptised, married, and presumably buried from. That film also included the names of all the Church of Ireland priests, their bios, along with their individual pictures. Now reading through these Letters I have a much better idea of what life was like for my Grandfather John GILMOUR bap. 1872, and his parents David GILMORE and Ann CLYDESDALE [m. 1867], and *their* parents Thomas GILMER & Rachel LITTLE [m. 1838] plus Joseph CLYDESDALE and Margaret BINGHAM. It's really interesting to read the OS person's assessment of the priest(s) [one was apparently an "appalling blockhead" haha] who would have held so much power over my ancestors, but these men are also discussing native plants and trees, and those that were imported; the local bogs; streams; vegetation; homes; churches; health; and on it goes. I have also stood upon the ground these people are speaking of. Isn't genealogy just the best? And who cares about housework anyway? hahaha Once I get through County Down I'll move on to County Mayo where some of my Mom's family originated. I'll need an Irish drink by then? LOL


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