Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Regina Public Library Needs Your Support!

Most of you will remember this board, a short time ago, deciding to shut down several branches, AND then happily disseminating the world renown, one-of-a-kind, collection of the Prairie History Room located in the downtown branch. If you have never used this collection you are doing yourself a major disservice, no matter where your ancestral roots are. Anyway, buckets of concerned citizens fought that judgement, spoke at numerous meetings, etc. etc. and we WON!

NOW, this (basically) same old board of backward thinking individuals - seemingly led by a very outdated (and I'll say arrogant and 'worse than useless'!)leader are again attempting to impede forward thinking. The hard working, extremely knowledgeable staff of our Regina public libraries are very being poorly treated. Would any of us accept what their board has offered if it were our jobs on the line? I doubt it.

I am anything but a union supporter, never have been, never will be, BUT this is a case where this board is soooooooooooooooo incompetent they need to be turfed so we can become progressive. What good is our magnificent library resources without the expertise of those workers we depend on to guide us to what we need. And now that I'm ranting, how about what the federal government is doing to our archives? ENOUGH!!!! Each person, living in this county of Canada, has family information stored in our (provincial) archives. For more information on the changes at Library and Archives Canada, go to This is insanity at it's worst.

We learned we COULD make a difference a few years back. We CAN fight the government and win! But if we stand back, and stay quite, we deserve what we get ............ and that will be much much less that what we need. Say goodbye to our history Canada, and goodbye to each provinces history, and each family and persons history. The information stored in archives is unique, one-of-a kind, data and will never ever be found by us without the expert knowledge of the trained and dedicated archivists that are willing, but unable, to assist. Thank you PM Harper.

To write the Regina library board, and PLEASE do, go here .... go here, write your concerns and send to all those decision makers involved. And don't forget to share your concerns with the Leader Post!! Let's see if they have the intestinal fortitude to print what sooo very many of us are thinking! Speak up guys or suffer the consequences.

I'm just spitting mad! Please help?

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  1. thanks Pat... I work at the library and value your support. Keep blogging!