Thursday, May 24, 2012


Many of you know of my major brick wall problem with my Mother's side of the family, the Irish McNiece's. I have struggled with them for a couple decades, and while the struggle continues, I am making strides ............ FINALLY!!!

Many of you also know how I preach and nag you about 'Review', 'Review', 'Review'. Today, I began in earnest to review that line. Guess what? Because I am now so much better than I was 20 years ago at reading old handwriting, deciphering clues, and really 'working' my research analytical skills I believe I have uncovered a long missed clue that will definitely open up new areas of interest. One tiny word, almost illegible, is proving to be [a] SMOKING GUN. OMG ........... I am VERY excited!!

Sometimes it's a blessing in disguise to have a cold, wet, dreary May day that keeps you inside. Yahooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Searching,

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