Sunday, October 15, 2017

Happy Bday 174 Years Ago

Just filling in some forms and discovered that my Dad's maternal grandfather, William MUIR was born on this day, 15 Oct 1843 ... 174 years ago. My Dad's maternal family all lived in Ayrshire Scotland, mostly in Kilwinning for at least four hundred years. I was lucky enough to visit there in 2007 - ten years ago. Hmmmmm always interesting to take note of dates, and how often specific dates repeat throughout family members.

Now I just noticed that the grandmother [WYLIE, marion] of my paternal grandnother [MUIR, margaret] was born 10 Oct. 1818 in Dalry Ayrshire Scotland. 199 years and 5 days ago. Oh no!! Help!!! Toooo many shiny things are dragging me down the rabbit hole!!! hahaha THIS is how easily I can get distracted. sigh Still, I'm glad I noticed. haha

Now back to work Patricia.


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