Monday, May 26, 2014

Try ... and ... TRY AGAIN

A while back I was talking about the new database on FindmyPast to search through the 1841/51 Irish census fragments. These records were used as authentications or substitutes for births for those folks now old enough to apply for old age pensions. My comment, which is still valid, is that not all locations are to be found. My GILMORE families, as well as my CLYDESDALE/LITTLE/BINGHAM/McNIECE families, were not in any of these fragments.

Well boy and girls, I recently received an update about this database, so figured I'd give it one more shot. Now I didn't find any of my ancestors, BUT I did find one CLYDESDALE entry for the exact location my great grandmother CLYDESDALE came from. When I say exact, I mean the exact little townland so it's a big deal!! It's an unusual enough surname that I'm feeling pretty confident (genealogically speaking that is] that she may belong to one of the many 'collaterals' in my family AND I'm going to begin to follow this lady. She just may turn out to be a relation [dare I wish for a 'sibling'?] to my great gran!! If so, perhaps she's left some valuable information behind that will help me. If not, well it's someone new to search for.

So moral of story is ... "when you've exhausted all possibilities, remember this ... you haven't"!! Try, try, and try again. Oh and those words of wisdom are not mine ... they belonged to a certain Mr. Thomas Edison. Any light bulbs turning on for you? Hahaha


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