Thursday, May 15, 2014

New Computer .... Woes or Learning Experience?

Hi All,

Do you folks remember .... waaaaaaaaaaaaay back ............ when a new computer was soooo exciting to get? Yeah, in the old days when we were all inexperienced, and computers were new, and we could not wait to see what was new, anticipation and excitement were the case. Shoot I started out with DOS!! OMG!!! haha

These days I run my computer right into the ground before I force myself to make that purchase. The great news is that they keep coming down in price, well at least until you start doing all those 'necessary' add-ons! I know about the FREE programs to replace MS Office Suite, BUT I'm an old dog now ... just scrambling to 'try' to keep up with great new things coming on the market every single second of every single day ... so it's just not fun anymore which is why I put it off as long as possible ... and pay the price to keep Mr. Gates in retirement. Oh yeah, and thankfully RAM has come down in price too. You know, it's kind of like buying a car - "Did you want tires and a steering wheel with that Ma'am?" ;))

I fussed and fumed over Windows 7 or 8 [my son and hubby saying "Get with it"], and my brain saying "Oh NO". I should add that neither of them use 8! I even took a class on Windows 8 over the winter ... of course that was back in January and it's now May, so my notes were versions of hieroglyphics, some parts were slightly familiar. ;)))) Soooooooooooo, I went with 7, plus the disc for 8 should I ever decide I really want a 'total breakdown'. haha

So now I am learning all this new 'stuff', even though it's just newer version(s) of what I've been using, there is still a ton of different ways of doing things. Improvements they tell me. There is something so very comforting to sit down and KNOW where buttons, icons, tabs, etc all are!! Aw well, it will get easier ... right? ;))))

So bear with me as I learn please? Oh yes, the first thing I need to do is enlarge the font [EVERYWHERE] as it all seems to have shrunk! THAT might have something to do with my last birthday? hahaha


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