Monday, May 26, 2014

Google Alerts for Google Earth - FREE

Following is an email I received from my friend Lisa Louise Cooke who runs GenealogyGems I know I've mentioned her before, but in case you weren't ready, give her a look now. In the meantime read on ...

"Here's a free website that will help you follow your genealogical world:

Think of this as Google Alerts for Google Earth! (And if you're not using Google Alerts, honestly, what are you waiting for?) This simple site alerts you when new imagery is available in both Google Maps and Google Earth. Just search for an ancestor's location, mark the point, and submit. Each time Google updates the satellite and aerial imagery in that area you will receive notification.

This is particularly helpful in international areas where images haven't been as up to date. For instance, I'm following Belarus, and have received a couple of updates that have given me a better view of where my Great Grandfather Sporowki's family once lived."


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