Saturday, November 2, 2013

1921 Census - FREE?

There seems to be much confusion regarding searching the indexed version on Ancestry. This is the most recent info. that I *believe* is correct! This was posted to my friends blog titled Shannon's Genealogy Friends.

"This piece of info from OGS (our Ontario Genealogical Society) newsletter. Hope this helps some of you.

Fully indexed 1921 Census available for free to all Canadians

On Tuesday Oct. 29th, 2013, officially launched the fully indexed version of the 1921 census. In accordance with their agreement with Library and Archives Canada, the indexed census is available for free to all searchers using a Canadian IP address (ie. sitting at a computer in Canada). will ask users to set up an account (email and a password of your choice) before granting access but payment will not be required

So give it a try folks!! Hope it works and you find what you're looking for.


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