Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Thank You Brandon Manitoba - 40th Anniversary

A VERY successful celebration of their branches birthday - 40 of them! - was held this past weekend. I was very pleased to have been invited to participate by giving some presentations. I also attended a most interesting session at the airport celebrating their early days, accompanied by delicious cake. I missed out on the banquet Saturday evening, but the same ladies catered it as the lunch and I gotta tell ya it was the BEST lunch I've had in decades!!! And always a pleasure to work with my old friend Dave Obee.

So it was a really fun event - even though I practically froze. The room was slightly chillier than I was dressed for. So the foot attire is NOT the beginning of a new fashion trend!! haha AND they promised me they would NOT include my feet in the picture!!!! Guess we know how THAT turned out??!! Lol


1 comment:

  1. Pat, What a wonderful picture! You're looking wonderful my friend!
    (you too, Dave!)
    Ahh, I would have loved to attended the Brandon conference, but the day was booked.
    Any upcoming speaking engagements?