Saturday, February 3, 2018

A Personal Genealogy Connection in Mexico?

So for the past 20 some years a 'young lady' and I have been working together tracing the 2x great parents we share - Johnston McNIECE babt 1816 Ireland (somewhere!) and his wife Martha JONES babt 1826 New York State (somewhere!). Michele lives in the Chicago area of Illinois USA, and me on the Canadian Prairies.

Over those years we have shared a lot - not just old often frustrating genealogy, but day to day lives. We have seen each other through divorce, deaths, births, jobs, good times and all the rest. But we never met! Until Huatulco Mexico a few days ago. Yes, it took some planning, but it all worked out and we're both so happy we made it work. It was like visiting with an old friend for three days. We even went together on a moonlight float down a river, through mountains, over rapids, getting soaked, until the river met the Pacific Ocean ... and all this under the Super Blue Moon of January 31st, 2018.

What would Johnston and Martha and all their descendants think of this? So we CAN make genealogy and long dead ancestors come alive. haha. I am so lucky! But it also requires taking chances, planning, and then just doing it!! Just do it folks - you'll never be any younger or any healthier or probably any richer than you are right now.


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