Sunday, August 13, 2017

Update - Legacy Genealogy Software & Webinars

So, for whatever reason, Legacy has extended their offers by one week so ENDS AUGUST 20th, 2017.

Which means that you can still purchase their newest software, Legacy 9, for $17.48 instead of $34.95. Also a webinar membership at 50% off so one full year of unlimited membership (or extension if you purchased before this offer) will be $24.98 rather than $49.95. That's a pretty good deal even though this is still in US dollars.

BUT WAIT .... LOL (can you hear the informercial coming up? hahaha)

NOW, IF you rush and purchase before the end of today, August 13 2017, and use the promo codes offered by Thomas MacEntee, you'll save the 50% PLUS plus an additional 15%. Purchase them seperately and use his promo codes.

For Legacy 9 software, with the additional discount, by end of today, use promo code "thomas15leg"

For one year of the webinars, with the addtional discount, by end of today, use promo code "thomas15" using same link as above.

I'm still on the fence, but might just pull the trigger on the webinars - it's an awfully good deal. There are sessions in their library that I missed and what's 27 bucks Canadian? Hmmmmm. Yup. Gonna do it.


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