Saturday, August 5, 2017

Fighting 'hoppers' in the 1930s

Most of us have not lived through this. Many of us have been told stories of the '30s from parents, grandparents etc. But this story written by Bill Weiser really captures the many aspects of what life was like - especially dealing with those horrid creatures named grasshoppers that Prairie people still refer to as hoppers. I have an unreasonable fear of them that has lasted to this day.

My parents used to love to get in our old car, usually on Sundays, to go for a drive and 'look at' our crops. Of course no AC in those days. I begged to be left at home, but it never happened. Me in the back seat. My parents in the front. They chatted away as I literally screamed in terror. Somehow I never had to have psychiatric help , or perhaps I should say I never received that help ... which may explain why these darned things still scare the bajeepers out of me. LOL

Anyway, here is Bill's story


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