Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Irish Death Records

Lots of links here, mostly FREE. It's primarily a website dedicated to locating Roman Catholic Irish death records, her advice, AND links, are helpful no matter what religion we seek. She has also included some historical background which is very helpful to those of us not raised in Ireland. http://thesearchforanneandmichael.blogspot.ca/2015/11/tuesday-tips-nomina-defunctorum-irish.html

Added Note: I've just been working my way through some of the records, and have a little hint that may help. Once you've got the document open, hold down your Ctrl and F key at the same time. A little box will pop up somewhere on your computer screen. Begin to input the letters of whatever surname you are searching for. You will either get some matches, or nothing. With matches use the little drop down arrow to scroll to the next. With nothing you can simply close that document and move on. Hope this saves you some time.


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