Friday, July 1, 2016

FindMyPast Has Canadian Census & Why U NEED To Try

So I'm just poking around in the FMP website and notice they have now digitized, and indexed, the Canadian 1911 census. My head was about to explode! WHY oh WHY would they have done that when it's available FREE on the LAC website ... when it's on for members ... and when there are so many other records I'd like them to do. But they didn't ask ME [haha], so I decided to try it out before I write my snarky note to them.

Small piece of humble pie now being served! I have a family I've followed named Alexander SANDALACK, babt 1880 in Galicia, but living in Regina Saskatchewan by 1911 census with his wife Annie, some kids, and some lodgers. I know who was in the household because I painstakingly searched that particular census district one page at a time until I found them. Using the LAC site and inputting above info delivers NO match. Same with Ancestry, even using the slides on the left. Zero matches. Bring on FMP and using same info within a second up they all popped! OMG!!! Soooooooooooo I'm now enjoying my pie as I use FMP to search for others lost in that 1911 census. Perhaps you'd like to try it too!!

Update: but FMP still cannot locate my Scottish/Irish grandparents & family with the simple surname of GILMOUR plus the info must have been invented by someone as the first names of most of the family are incorrect ... like not even close to correct. I have found them ages ago by using the same method as above - page by page flipping. So I don't have to eat the crust of my humble pie? hahaha

Supposed to be going out for dinner, but I'm having trouble leaving this!! Typical obsessed genealogist syndrome? Lol

Happy Canada Day!!


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