Thursday, March 31, 2016

I'm OFF For a Week

Sorry everyone ... I've been slow and sporadic at posting for the past while. Holidays sometimes become quite hectic, and such is my reason. We have less than one week left in Victoria, and tomorrow are heading up to Tofino for a few days before we fly home. My intentions have been so good!! I have saved every single item of interest but, for anyone who has never hosted a blog, it takes quite a bit of time to share those posts ... and I've just not had that time. So in a week or SO I'll be much better at time management. haha

However, I will happily share with you that the new head librarian for the Prairie History Room at Regina Public Library has finally been appointed, AND he's already been in touch with me to see what we can come up with for Fall 2016. Looking forward to working with him!! See even when I'm not working, I'm sort of working. haha

Cheers all and thanks for your patience,
The weather has turned so totally perfect our here, F I N A L L Y! Almost time for home. Figures, right? haha

Pat xo

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