Sunday, September 27, 2015

Thank You Saskatoon 2015!

So this morning I woke up in my own bed, and basked in the glory of the weekend. Not in *my* glory, but in the glory of the wonderful people I met, or renewed acquaintances with at Saskatoon over the weekend. They came from near and far. They came from cities and towns, within the Province, and from neighbouring Provinces! How wonderful!! What a fabulous job the Saskatoon Branch did.

Thanks to Eleanor for all the communications with me leading up to this weekend - believe it or not it was almost one year ago that this began. Lots of planning leads to lots of success!

Thanks to Renee for always being 'Johnny on the spot' to assist with anything that needed assisting!

Thanks to Jim for causing disruptions through out my presentations - oh dear, I really meant to say for all his 'thought provoking comments' through out my presentations! hahaha He made this wonderful comment to me at the end of the day. He said "I have been under your influence for some time now". That is one of the most magical things any genealogist has ever said to me. Thank you Jim! Truly I appreciate your sense of humour, as well as your knowledge, and your willingness to continue learning.

Thanks to James who came to the rescue on the few occasions when there was a computer glitch. It takes a great deal of pressure off a speaker when they know there is someone very competent in the room who speaks 'computereez'. Lol

Thanks so much to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints for allowing us to use their fantastic facilities. Everything was top notch!

Thanks to the lady who prepared the scrumptious lunch for all attendees! Two kinds of delicious homemade soup, and fab sandwiches really hit the spot. I apologize for not getting the lady's name.

And of course thanks so much to all who drove (sometimes) great distances to partake in the weekend! Without each of you there would be no conference. I truly appreciate you.

I must also say that the one session I presented Saturday morning - the one where we went live to the Internet for over two hours - I would never have attempted anywhere I did not feel safe. Presenters just don't do this, ever! And the reason is there is just sooooo much that can go wrong ... totally, awfully, wrong... and I cannot tap dance for two hours! haha But I wanted to try this, and I knew I could trust those attending to 'be on my side'. So a huge THANK YOU! Even though it all worked out, I'll never do it again! Just far too stressful.

So folks that's it. I hope you continue to hear my voice nagging you "READ, read, Read!!" :-) Pop in to this free blog anytime. To find all of my older posts simply scroll down until you see links on the far right and then click away - read and learn!! Drop me a line and share your success stories. Or if anyone is interested in my classes I always announce them here first.

Happy Searching Everyone!!


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