Monday, September 28, 2015

Review, Review, Review - leads to happy dances

Well how many times have I said that? And how many times have I promised you all were sitting on answers ... IF you would just review and read carefully? Just now I 'accidentally' did just that and guess what??????? I just found an answer to a question I've fussed and fumed over for ... oh ... say about 12 years!!!! OMG!! Do as I say! Not as I do!! Until now? hahaha

Trust me. It works!! Every single time I do a serious review I find answers I missed first time around. Now go review one little thing ... one person, or one family line, or one letter or document or picture! And guess what I'm going to be harping on at the conference at Moose Jaw this weekend?? hahaha And you folks at Saskatoon this past weekend thought I was a nag??!! You ain't heard nuthin' yet. Lol

And now I'm off to do my little genealogy happy dance, again! When you've been at this stuff as long as I have, successes are few and far between. sigh. Sooooo happy. Hmmmmm this gives me a thought about a new presentation that's just waiting to be written. I'm sorry, but I need to live another 66 years to get all the work done I want to do. Ha ha ha

Double Cheers Everyone!!

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