Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Passwords - creating new EASY to remember passwords

Hi Everyone!
Have arrived home, safe and sound, after having an amazing winter. We drove through 1 province, 14 States, and travelled over 7,000 kms!! Stayed ahead of winter blizzards going down - although just barely - had fantastic weather in Arizona/California/Nevada where we stayed since January - and great weather coming home. Sadly our weather is crappy here now, but *hopefully* by next week we'll all be poking around outside looking for things sprouting in our yards.

In the meantime we're all dealing with the fallout from the Heartbleed bug. We're being told to change all our passwords! Yikes ... are you kidding me? Thomas MacEntee to the rescue. I've tried his method out over the past few days and I like it. You can create a new password for each website you use AND have no problems remembering each one. Honest!! Watch his video and best of luck everyone. http://hackgenealogy.com/video-password-trick/


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