Friday, January 24, 2014

Vaccination & Epidemic Histories

Regina Saskatchewan Canada is experiencing some cases of 'red measles' ... which I had when I was about 8 or 9, so later 1950's. What I remember most, along with being very sick, is that my Mom would walk down to the grocery store in our little town and buy a brick of ice cream [remember bricks?] and a small bottle of ginger ale... bring them home and mix them together. It was all I could swallow, and tasted really really good. We only had a small freezer box in our house so I suppose she made this trip often. Vaccinate your children folks! I wonder if adults are being vaccinated, or if it's necessary?

Anyway, there is an interesting timeline, with some explanations of various diseases and vaccinations, at

I have the death registration of my paternal great grandfather who died in Scotland 1903. Cause of death was 'laryngitis after 4 days'. I have learned now that it was probably diphtheria. That was a major surprise to me! And after reading about this disease I feel very sorry for the horrible suffering he, and others, must have endured.

Stay well everyone.

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