Friday, January 31, 2014

Evidence Explained on Facebook

One of the biggest challenges we all meet is how to report our source(s). We all know now that without presenting our evidence - the source of our evidence to be more precise - our genealogy is nothing more than mythology. It's nothing more than a story, and no matter how nice the story is, there is no way to 'see' or check to ensure the story is accurate ... or that it could be expanded on now, or later, as new records become available.

The leading expert in this area is Elizabeth Shown Mills, and along with her books "Evidence" and "Evidence Explained", Ms. Mills now runs a very useful Facebook site. If you've not dabbled in Facebook, or thought there was nothing there for you, try her site out. It's totally free and you can stay anonymous ... in fact you don't have to do anything but read. Hit her "Like" button to see the entire site, and then just click away, read, and learn. Have a peek

Happy Learning!

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