Saturday, April 30, 2011

Researching for a client

Today, as I continue to suffer through an ugly head cold, and stare at (wait for it) SNOW outside, I am enjoying myself doing research for a client. I don't do as much client research as I once did as I've gotten picky and only take on cases in my area of expertise that interest me. Now I'm having even more fun, and am very productive which makes it ... even MORE fun!! Not to mention producing quality research, quick, which makes my clients happy too!!

I love teaching and speaking at conferences, but it's really good to work on a new project again. This one picks up on another researcher's work that ended in 2000. Even I am blown away by the amount of records we now have access to, unavailable waaaay back then! I've quickly uncovered a couple errors that sent them down the wrong path and ultimately caused this huge brickwall. And don't we ALL have those? It's a good reminder to review work we've done in the past and compare it with the many new resources we have. Maybe one of YOUR brickwalls will also come tumbling down? You won't know ... unless you try!!!! Best of luck and Happy Searching Everyone.achoooo! xcuse me please?

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