Sunday, April 17, 2011

I am the luckiest person alive! I have just returned home from attending the Alberta Genealogical Society Conference held in Edmonton where I was also a Presenter. I cannot begin to express to you what a classy conference this is/was! I know I should wait until I've had a good sleep to compose this blog, but what the heck .......... shooting from the hip is permissable ... when it's your OWN blog, right guys? grin

I have been lucky enough to have been an invited 'speaker/presenter' at this conference a few years back. It was an AWESOME experience!! AND, 2011 was even better!!!! The organizers (primarily Adele and Shannon) have truly outdone it all. There was NOTHING, repeat NOTHING, they could have improved upon. OK, in all honesty ... the Banquet presentations did run a tad long (read in L....O....N....G){the opinions here are mine alone}. The only reason I mention this is to (hopefully help) make this event even better which is no easy feat following this years extravaganza!

OK, so (as a speaker we possibly notice (and appreciate) different 'things' than those MOST important people who come as 'attendees' - after all, without attendess there IS no conference. I can tell you that I have (almost always) been treated VERY well by every group who have invited/sponsored me. I am soooooooooo fortunate!! But the Alberta (Edmonton) group do all of this with such class that I really feel it should be commended. I will certainly write more in days to come ... but I do need rest first. And time to clear my head. I am on such a HIGH after this conference. Isn't that just the best stamp of approval anyone could put on such an event? I certainly hope so!!

So, PLEASE stay tuned as i'll blog more ... probably tomorrow ... about the details. The speakers, the venue, the people, the presentations, the FOOD, did I mention the people?, the quality of it all just leaves me head swimming! So, please check back in and read more lucid information later!!

THANK YOU soooooooooooooooo much Alberta!! And especially Adele and Shannon + Wayne & Cory!! Oh yeah ............ and a HUGE shout out to the wonderful little lady who taught me now to tie the 'Granny' knot in my shoelaces!!! As I said .......... more tomorrow.

Love yu all,
Pat xo

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  1. Glad you had a good time. I've heard that's a wonderful group.