Thursday, August 20, 2009

University of Regina Senior Education Centre

{Pat will again be teaching at SEC, Fall 2009.

(35046) Genealogy – Family History II
Genealogy is the #1 hobby in the world! The pursuit of your
family history is interesting, educational, rewarding and
fun plus it works the mind and tickles the senses. In this
course, you do hands-on research for YOUR families in the
Canadian censuses [1666-1916] plus land record searches
[homestead files], both on the Internet and on-site at
Regina repositories. This is a course not to be missed! Basic
computer skills are required.
Instructor: Pat Ryan
Tue, Sep 22-Nov 17, 9:30–11:30am
Room: CB 115
Seniors: $80 Other adults: $105
Course limit: 16
Registration for this course is only through SEC located in the College Building on College at Cornwall Street. You can phone 585-5816.

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