Saturday, November 4, 2017

Where Have You Been Pat?

Thanks so much to those of you who inquired where I've been, or if I'm OK. Nice to be missed. haha

Actually I had quite a bad flu that kept me in bed for two solid weeks. Then three days ago I had cataract surgery on one eye. All went well ... until I had a clear lens put in my glasses to accomodate the 'new' eye. Shoot! The two eyes do NOT get along, so now I'm seeing double and it's damned frustrating, debilitating, and scary. BUT this Sunday morning I've been forcing myself to keep the glasses on for most of the past 3 days (almost sick to my stomach for the first whole day cause it makes you dizzy and dissoriented), and I think it's getting a tiny bit better so I'm hopeful. 'They' say it just takes time for the eyes to learn to focus together so I just have to persist. Sigh. So, that's my story.

And I send my since THANKS to my friend and 'old' student, Bonnie A., whom has also had this surgery and has given me email support so I don't feel like I'm the ONLY person in the world to be going through this and that my challenges are, and have been, her challenges too. Thanks so much my friend. Life is always challenging. AND this, for sure, is a first world challenge so I guess I am thankful.


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