Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Look How They Treated ME in Letbridge!

So I wonder how many were thinking something awful happened to me?? hahaha FAKE NEWS???? hahaha

I was honoured to have spoken to a large and enthusiastic group of genealogists in Lethbridge this past weekend. I don't know where 'everyone' was from, but I do know there were folks from Medicine Hat to the east, Montana USA to the south, British Columbia to the west, and Edmonton to the north! WHAT a great experience, I think for all of us.

I had agreed to present SIX presentations, of an hour each, on Saturday. We started at 8am, and finished up at 5pm. It was a long day, but lots of fun, AND my voice held up thanks to a great mic system. There was a great snack at morning coffee break, a fabulous lunch at noon, and probably something else throughout the afternoon but I was kept busy so not sure. haha

Now here's the amazing part!!!! 50% of those attending were NEW folks - not yet members of any genealogical society. I heard a number of new memberships were purchased so that is awesome news. Those are smart people as the Lethbridge branch is a very knowledgeable, helpful group of individuals who meet often at their well stocked library. Then they have smaller groups that are dedicated to specific topics, and helping each other in various subjects such as the group that meet Mondays to work on their Legacy genealogy software programs. It's so much more fun to have others to work with, and learn from. If I were closer I would definately be joining in. LUCKY LUCKY people who have the opportunity to join this very fun, progressive group!!

So after Saturday, I spoke to the members only for two hours Sunday morning - and there were some new members there too! Plus a few that couldn't make it Saturday so that was another great morning.

I'd like to extend a special Thank You to that young lady Eleanor McMurchy who did a magnificent job of organizing 'everything', including me!! She and I began talking about this event last September 18th, 2016. I replied to her invitation to speak in Lethbridge Alberta, as I was driving past Lethbridge Newfoundland at that exact moment! I kid you not - look it up. Lethbridge NL is on the Cabot Trail on the road to Bonavista NL. Co-incidence? Lol

I would also like to say a big Thank You to John, President of Lethbridge branch who was always available whenever I needed anything! And to Doug, from the branch, for saving my bacon when I ran into technology problems right before the last session on Saturday. Whew!! THAT was a scary 10 minutes for me!

And I could never say enough big THANK YOU's to Gary & Kathy Stauffer for being my hosts - getting me from and to the airport; giving me tours of your beautiful city; feeding me the most delicious totally gourmet meals; and for Kathy's always (too? haha) cheerful "Good Morning Pat, time to get up" because I forgot my alarm. Amazing hosts and I will never forget them and their hospitality. Thank you both.

There were many others who fussed over me, and I want them to know how much I appreciated them as well. And to Anne B. who emailed Saturday to share some amazing news with me. She explained about Agnes - and I won't say any more 'cause I don't want to spoil surprises for the next Who's Your Momma? group. BUT suffice it to say I now know the answer to my Agnes question! So Thanks to you too Anne!! We can all learn from each other if we're willing.

Cheers to all my new friends and as always Happy Searching!!


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