Friday, May 12, 2017

Death Certificate Has Answers

To apparently there is are "'secret' codes on death certificates that can tell you how your ancestors died". This article deals with US death registrations, so I'm not sure if Canada used the same system, but worth checking out.

Thanks to Thomas MacEntee for this FB post.

NOTE: It is now about one hour later than when I posted the above. I am working on a new presentation for my upcoming trip to Lethbridge Alberta where I'll be giving seven workshops June 3rd, 2017. AND ... AND ... AND ... I've just added a death registration to my power point presentation, and noticed there is a circled number below 'cause of death', so I looked it up using the International Classification List of Causes of Death (ICD above) AND ... AND ... AND Ohhhhh Myyyyy I'm in shock!!! I think my great grandmother just reached out to me - why else would I have just learned about the ICD at the same time I was about to include her death registration that I have had for at least ten years???

Shivers!! LOVE IT!!!!! But I'll stay shocked over this one. Poor lady.


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