Friday, February 3, 2017

My First Job - Corner Stores

So this article from North Battleford Saskatchewan Archives really caught my eye

... because ... my first paying job was in a small Saskatchewan grocery store when I was 11 years old. This article brought back smells, sounds, and memories, most of which were good. The only part not so good was my pay. I worked every night after school and all day Saturday - for one month - and then Mr. Brown gave me a $10.00 bill. Even I knew that was not right, so I said so! Next month he gave me a 20 dollar bill. Next month I quit. HaHa.

Because I got a new job, next door, at the drug store which was also the switchboard office. Yessiree, I operated the old switchboard [one ringie dingie], sold Greyhound bus tickets, packets of cigarettes for 35 cents, candy, camera film, and things like 'Wild Strawberry' from the 'drug' part of the store. Lol Don't remember my wage, but I was happy enough to stay there all through high school until we moved to the big city for Grade XII in 1965. Now this was a stroll down memory lane and you probably learned stuff you couldn't care less about. haha


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