Tuesday, April 12, 2016

How Will Our Burials Affect the World?

Traditional burials is polluting the planet. So where will we all go when we die? Half a billion people are going to die in the next decade - and we can't keep cramming their caskets into the earth. Some will be cremated, and millions will be buried in the ground accompanied by pounds of steel, wood, and toxic embalming fluid - rendering the ground useless for new growth.

The above is a good question, although not one many of us has considered. While in Victoria BC this winter, Dave Obee showed me a section of Royal Oak Burial Park dedicated to a different type of burial - possibly spurred on by what you will read about here http://mic.com/articles/139645/traditional-burial-is-polluting-the-planet-so-where-will-we-all-go-when-we-die


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