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Course 2015: GO WEST YOUNG MAN!

Fall of 2015 offers this second course [Unpuzzling Your Past is the first course and is a pre-requisite]

Provincial Archives are often viewed as intimidating places, and as a result many genealogists do not go. BUT, provincial archives hold a myriad of original records always necessary to our research! Most of this course takes place on-site at the SK. Archives located in Regina, where Pat shares her vast knowledge and experience using these mostly original, one-of-a-kind records.

There are many differences between a public library and a Provincial Archives. Libraries are, for the most part, interested in dissemination of information. In other words you are always welcome to stroll down each aisle, touch books, take them off the shelf and have a peek. There are almost always numerous copies of each record type [such as books, microfilm, or map] available in numerous locations. Archives, on the other hand, are mostly primary records which means there is only one! And almost always that one record is only located in one archive ... in the entire World! These records hold answers not be found ANYWHERE else. Interested? You should be.

Western Canada was settled primarily by homesteaders and you'll learn why in this course. A file was created about each, even those who only farmed briefly. Even if you believe your family never farmed, do not overlook homestead files as homesteaders included not just those who came for the 'free' land, but also school teachers, business owners, and church leaders. Files may include such personal information as former residences, family, dates, house & land details - plus there is much more in these files than meets the uninformed eye. In the past, we have discovered birth/death/marriage/divorce documents, pages of personally written correspondence, photos, and even Wills. Some of these documents lawfully originated in other countries, but are included here.

Each student will be performing research on their OWN ancestors. The best part? Pat is with you every step of the way to assist you, and more importantly to explain your findings to you so you will not miss important details that often are overlooked or misunderstood by others. You will also learn to use old newspapers, directories, photos, special maps, births/deaths/marriage indexes, citizenship, naturalization, ships passenger lists, and military records to name just a few. Pat also arranges for her students to be taken on a personal tour of the Archives 'hidden treasures' - those records hidden from the public and kept behind locked doors. After all, if you don't know what's available how do you know what to ask for? This is an opportunity not to be missed!

Students will also learn to use the very best FREE web sites for land research, not just in Saskatchewan, but for all of western Canada & I have included details on how to research in the USA as I've learned this researching my own families. This allows you to start your research before even arriving at the SK. Archives. The Internet work will be completed from your home computer where you will follow very detailed and comprehensive lessons emailed by Pat to each of her students. You will be working on your own family research throughout this entire course. Even those without Saskatchewan connections will benefit. Class size is limited. Completion of Unpuzzling Your Past would be MOST beneficial and is strongly encouraged by Pat.

There is also a lesson on how to find records held in the one-of-a-kind Prairie History Room Collection held in the Regina Public Library. It is an amazing collection envied by historians world wide. A great deal of work can be done from your home computer so you will learn how to do this, PLUS you'll spend two hours onsite with Pat who knows the collection very well. Do NOT be misled - the PHR Collection holds records and record types for all over the World ... NOT JUST the Prairies!!

Instructor Pat Ryan.
To pre-register send Pat an email now at

13 Oct. 2015 7 - 9pm 3860 Buckingham Drive, Regina
14 Oct. 2015 emailed lessons
21 Oct. 2015 9:30am - noon SK Archives 3303 Hillsdale St., Regina
28 Oct. 2015 9:30am - noon SK Archives 3303 Hillsdale St., Regina
29 OCT. 2015 emailed lessons
03 Nov. 2015 7 - 9pm Prairie History Room Regina Public Library downtown
2311 12th Avenue [free parking in evenings]

SIX lessons $200.00

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