Sunday, October 26, 2014

Ontario Land Patent Early Maps - Online FREE

Thanks to Andrew for sharing this with me.

"The Archives of Ontario has put hundreds of maps online that pre-date the Ontario county atlases of 1878 (the McGill digital ones). They are the hand-written patent maps for townships in the province with landowner names, and some date from the early 1800’s or before. I was interested in seeing that aboriginal names for local lakes in the area of Ontario were used on the map – had never seen that before. (Those lakes now bear boring names like “Long Lake” and “Stony Lake.”)"

"The maps are terrific and may be useful to mention in your workshops"

So now I have shared with you!! Collaboration is wonderful, right?

Pat [I just finished the last bit of yard clean up for 2014, and it really feels and looks like Fall today. Shoot. Ever the optimist, this just means that it's only a couple months until the days start getting longer! Enjoy everyone.]

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