Monday, June 9, 2014

More FREE Genealogy Videos & Webinars

I've been watching the webinars from Legacy ever since they began. They're free and presentations are done by very professional genealogists although, to be fair, some are better than others. Or it may just be that I listen better some days! haha

Anyway, if you're using or are considering purchasing the Legacy genealogy software they have a bucket of videos on their website, a few are even FREE at

AND for anyone who has been missing all the fabulous webinars from Legacy [this Wednesday is GERMAN INTERNET RESEARCH], check them out Be sure to read (nag nag nag) across the top where you can find the upcoming and archived webinars. They are free usually for about two weeks under the 'archived' tab. You can also purchase a yearly membership if you so chose. READ all about it! :)

For anyone nervous about attending a webinar ... don't be!! Just follow the VERY easy directions, and be prepared to not only be entertained, but to LEARN for FREE!!! How could you not be interested?

Happy Learning!

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