Friday, February 7, 2014

RootsTech Today - Day 2

I've only managed to watch two sessions today, but they were both excellent and I encourage you to see them.

Lisa Alzo - Tweets, Links, Pins, and Posts: Break Down Genealogical Brick Walls with Social Media
Lisa and I used to teach together through an online group called GenClass ... way back when ... so I knew she was good! Today she was really really good. She offers so much encouragement for people who have been hesitating to get involved with social media for a variety of reasons. She spoke about Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, online cemetery sites, YouTube, Blogs, Chats & Hangouts, and more! She broke them down, briefly, and offered up wonderful examples of how they can help, often in ways you'd never think of AND that could never be repeated in any other format. And in usual Lisa fashion her syllabus entry is chock full of web links. Give her a listen, download the syllabus (linked from bottom of RootsTech home page), and learn!

Getting the Most Out of by Crista Cowen
I have heard Crista many times before and she is always a wealth of information on how to use Ancestry most effectively. Every single time I listen, I learn something new, and I've been a member for at least 15 years. Today was no exception!! So now I'm anxious to get back into Ancestry to try out all the new things I learned, and/or had forgotten. I cannot find a syllabus entry from her on this topic, but I'm pretty sure she is all over YouTube [do a search] and I also believe she does other sessions on Ancestry website. GREAT stuff!!

That may be all I watch today, but who knows? Anyone else enjoying these free sessions? And they will be archived on RootsTech website so for you worker bees you'll be able to catch up over the weekend, or next year!! I'm hitting the golf course tomorrow so not sure what I'll watch live ... I could be in the 'archived' versions too. Hahaha

Feb. 8th Thanks to Dick Eastman there is additional info from Day 2

Feb. 9th - sorry to anyone who was waiting for a Day 3 update about RootsTech. I have been under the weather for a couple days so did not get to participate in Day 3. ;-( Just a 24 hour thing I guess as I am beginning to feel better, so I'll also be watching re-runs [haha] from the RootsTech website. Don't forget to check out the Syllabus entries as they will not remain online for long.

Cheers Everyone!!

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