Friday, October 11, 2013

15 Things the Internet Has Killed Off

Seems my class is right on target with what many are finding interesting these days!! Of course I always knew what a smart group they are!! :) This morning I found the following list recently compiled

So what do YOU think of this list?
1. Faxes
2. Rolodex
3. Answering machines
4. Disposable cameras
5. Encyclopedias
6. CDs & cassettes
7. Public telephones
8. Teletext
9. PDAs
10. Buying or reading newspapers
11. Planning road trips on paper maps
12. Newspapers
13. Lining up to pay bills
14. Yard sales [oh say it ain't so! :-)]
15. Physical copies of the Yellow Pages

I JUST THOUGHT OF A NEW ONE ... personal cheques!

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