Saturday, June 15, 2013

Stay Focused!!!

Stay Focused ... or, in this case, do as I say NOT as I do!! Good grief. I sat down to work on my McNIECE line originally from Ireland early 1840s. I've worked on this family for 20 years and have finally begun to have some new leads and some new breakthroughs so it's been more interesting as of late. So, within less than an hour I had found the ships passenger list showing my husband's grandmother coming to Canada from England in 1911. GREAT discovery .... BUT how the heck did I get so far off track in such a short time???? Truthfully I have no idea. It just happened, and now it's 1:30pm and I'm still working on his grandmother's family lines. Oh well, sometimes we just have go where we're led ... I guess.

Enjoy your weekend all,

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