Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Edmonton 2013 Conference - A SMASHING Success!!

Just got home last night from another fantastic conference in Edmonton. They set records for attendance and that is a fact that is quite astonishing as most groups are struggling, worldwide. Edmonton is obviously doing lots and lots of things right! Maybe Shannon and all her awesome helpers should be organizing all conferences?? GREAT job folks!!

As a speaker, [and a huge "Thanks" to all who saw fit to invite me back],I can tell you that Edmonton goes out of their way to make speakers feel appreciated. It starts with the initial invitation to submit proposals, continues throughout the entire process, and culminates with the large attendance in a lovely venue. Most important to me is all you wonderful folks who come up to me throughout the entire conference to share your thoughts and questions, your exciting new finds, and to just say "Thanks"!! It certainly makes the long long hours, that turn into months, of working on the presentations ... all worthwhile. "Thanks" right back at you!! I LOVE the Edmonton conference, always have, always will.

Now, once laundry is done and I get some sleep , I'm anxious to dive into the syllabus and see what new things I can learn! Speakers seldom have the opportunity to hear any other speaker as the odd half hour available to us is spent fine tuning our *next* presentation for the group.

Cheers Guys!!
Pat xo
Oh yeah, I also have to add that it was SUCH a pleasure to not be surrounded by 4 freakin' feet of snow for a few days! I'm so ready to golf and garden. This year I should be living in the North I guess.

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